Standardize Stable Asset Benchmark Agreement Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding is made on this 1/30/2017 N.E.Y 53, by Noone Society and between all world societies & governments, for the purpose of achieving the aims and objectives of world peace by creating a new stable & standardize bench mark for all world societies’ and government’s currency using the unit of account “Nomni” to be used to measure anything in the world against as a omniversal standard asset. Therefore eliminating individual chaotic currency fluctuations. The inherit nature of diversification in the “Nomni” a digital asset unit (token) alleviates the risk of choosing to hold your assets in one currency that is not back by a global civil society in danger of destruction & tyranny. The new standard benchmark is to give consistent measure to value the price of goods, services, exchanges and all indexes. The Nibiru Reserve gives a way to value all the world’s indexes with a stable benchmark, which will disclose the nature of the world market establishing set exchange rates for the worlds market. Nibiru Reserve was designed to be a stable representation of global financial power as the world’s new central pool & bank. The standardize benchmark will comprise equal value portions of all the world’s major governments & their asset unit, using a land patent standard - African (Afrekeyan)-Nomni, Asia (Muian)-Nomni, American (Atlanians) – Nomni, like the predecessor benchmark, each currency will be from the global quadrant for sociopolitical & fiscal stability. Some countries have more socio-political then fiscal stability, and vice versa. All sober societies and governments especially indigenous ones, who agree to this memorandum are advised to create their own digital assets for their countries, societies, and tribes securing their regular minted fiat and begin to secure their assets depositing, insuring, and exchanging their asset units for “Nomni” as the standardize benchmark index – The symbol for “Nomni” is ∞ and its code is NMNI. Nibiru Reserve presents the Land Patent Standard as the World’s Global Product, which will be the new Gold Standard for the world using digital technology, backed by Noone Society guarantee of full fate and credit to secure allodial title ownership, and establishing self-endowed funding for self-governing for maintaining the sovereignty of all indigenous peoples & civil societies of the world.

Duly honored, - Noboohu Oonoo A.R. 

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